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Foreclosure? Bankruptcy? MetaStone Property Solutions in Sioux Falls Prevented Both!

How MetaStone Property Solutions Can Help

Selling your home to an investor can be some people’s saving grace and ideal situation. For others, it is not the right solutions. If you find yourself unsure what the right path is, I want to share a story about a family we helped with the hopes of shedding some light on your situation and what you can do next.

A woman named Maria reached out to us after finding herself in a situation that she never had expected to be in. She was a single mother, recently divorced, and if that isn’t difficult enough, she had a recent passing of a family member and had the expenses of the funeral fall on her doorstep. She needed to sell the house quickly to take care of bills and relieve some of the financial stresses she had incurred. She didn’t know where to start, but she knew she needed to sell her house quickly, and a realtor wasn’t an option because the property needed too much work and had to be closed quickly. That is where we came in.

After receiving her call, we met at her property within the hour. The house was in the middle of a remodel and still had quite a bit of work to be done before being ready for a new tenant to move in. Continuing to talk with her about her situation, we were able to make her an offer that would completely take care of the financial stress in her life. She was so relieved when she finally realized we were going to be able to help her lift this enormous and seemingly insurmountable weight off her shoulders.

The contract was signed the same day. The closing period was set for the date and time that worked best for her. The tricky part of this situation was that her and her ex-husband were on the title of the property, and they were not on the best speaking terms. On top of that, her ex-husband had recently been incarcerated in another state. We worked diligently to help this woman get her property sold and found a solution where we were able to get a contract and notary in front of him to have the closing documents signed.

One month after initially speaking with her on the phone and meeting with her at her home, we were able to close on her house through our title company. We got her paid and out from underneath her seemingly unbeatable struggle. When I first spoke with this woman, I knew I was going to be able to help her, but I believe she truly thought she was fighting an un-winnable battle with the home and her financial situation. Being able to help her and put her in a better situation is the exact reason we started this journey to help homeowners.

This is a very specific example from the many that I personally have been a part of here at MetaStone Property Solutions. This might closely resemble your own situation or be completely different. Regardless, we are here to do everything we possibly can to assist you find your way to a better path, a better situation, and a better tomorrow.

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