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Water Damaged House in Sioux Falls SD Sell My House vs Restoration

Water Damaged House in Sioux Falls SD- Sell My House vs Restoration

Water dripped in, leaked in, or overflowed in- DO NOT go down with the ship- you have options!

We have all been there at some point in our life, we walk downstairs and have took our first step in the basement… *SQUISH*, yup- that is standing water in your basement.

You probably have two different things run through your mind.

  1. Get the towels and get the buckets- we have work to do!
  2. Why do I have to deal with this, I should just sell this house already!

Like I said, BEEN THERE.

Subconsciously you just decided in your head to probably go through the headache and start the restoration process. Which depending on how long and significant the water damage is can be a very long process, and if you get a restoration specialist- expensive as well.


You have three different realistic options to choose from when you decide it is time to roll up the sleeves and try and fix the problem.

  1. Call the Insurance Company

This is what the majority of people think to do right away- “my insurance policy has to cover this!” and in 95% of situations you would be absolutely WRONG. Homeowner’s or Rental Dwelling Policies for rentals in Sioux Falls typically only cover sudden or accidental water issues. These would typically include a water pipe bursting, a sump pump failing (this would be an add-on coverage option), or some other unforeseen and sudden incident. Water that flows into your home through a window or up through the floor is not typically covered outside of FEMA Flood Insurance Policies, which homes in Sioux Falls South Dakota almost never have.

Even if your incident is covered under your insurance policies, your deductible is likely still going to be a few thousand dollars right off the top you will need to pay. That on top of the years and years of increased rates due to your claim is likely not the best option for you unless your issue is at least a $10,000-dollar issue! Insurance Companies rarely lose long-term!

  • Call a Restoration Company and Pay Out of Pocket

There are plenty of companies around Sioux Falls that will come and handle your water issue and do a full restoration. They handle the entire issue for you typically and make the issue go away without much work from you, the homeowner.

 The Problem? – The COST

You are going to pay for the convenience of the restoration and if you have to refloor the basement, do any drywalling, or have more contractors come over after the water is gone- that bill can climb high very quickly. High Price, Less Headache.

  • Roll Up Those Sleeves and Do It Yourself

Grab the towels, grab the buckets, and grab the dehumidifier- it is time to do it yourself. This will be the least expensive option for you but will be the most work by a full mile. To put it in as simple of terms as possible, get the standing  water cleaned up and dried the best you can and have dehumidifiers running 24/7 to finish the job and prevent mold spores from growing. If you have padded carpet it will likely need to be pulled up and replaced.


You bought this home never anticipating it could be such a headache or pain in your rear end. Maybe you were told it never had a water issue in the past and now your socks are soaking wet with your morning coffee getting cold.  Whatever the situation or scenario is, selling the house is always an option to consider. You have a few different options to consider with this route as well- depending on how sick and tired of the problem you are.

  1. Sell With Standing Water

Yes, Seriously!

If you don’t want anything to do with the problem and are so ready to be out of the house you can’t imagine fixing a water damage issue- you can sell it AS-IS and be done. Keeping in mind we will likely still get the water issue resolved right away to avoid standing water being inside the home longer than it is needed. Every hour the water stays in the house, the bigger the issue becomes! Metastone Property Solutions is a group that will pay you cash for your house, in any condition. They take on the work that needs to be done and will give you an offer on the house in its current condition and damages already assumed.  

  • Fix the Water Damage, but Get Out of The Problem Home

As stated above, water restoration companies or on your own you can clean up and solve the current water issue. If you do not want to fully remodel the damaged basement or sink even more money into the house with a fear this could happen again next year, get an offer on the house. Metastone provides this alternative and if the water issue is alleviated and the home just needs a repair you increase your offer from the cash home buying team and can be out of the house and into  your dream home in under 30 days!

  • Replace, Remodel, and Re-Sell!

Not many individuals have the cash on hand, the time available, or the mental fortitude to fix the water damage, remodel the home, and sell the home with a realtor- but if you can get through the entire process, the old fashion, reliable option of listing your home with a realtor can get the job done!

Regardless of what route you go down during your water damaged house situation in Sioux Falls- Metastone Property Solution can put you in contact with water restoration professionals, make you an offer on the house regardless of condition, and help make this sinking ship into a cruise ship! Reach out right away for more!


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MetaStone Property Solutions
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